❥ Mek Frinchaboy colaboration for the book "I love my hometown" (Buenos Aires) edited by Chikismiqui y Moebius.

To me, step foot in "El Gato Negro" (the black cat) is like time travelling, as this traditional store on Corrientes Avenue is the same my grandmothers used to go to in order to get spices that had just arrived from exotic places.

When I spot the little black gat in a bag or in a tin, it brings back flavors, aromas, family meals, middays and delicious tea times. Gorgeous glass jars, pepper, saffron, ginger, and turmeric shakers exhibited in those exquisite display cabinets and oak and Italian ash wood display cases.

Sitting on the cafe´s Thonet chairs, enjoying a cup of tea brewed from gourmet loose leaves or a freshly ground coffee, together with a croissant, amounts to a whole experience in itself.

❥ Mek Frinchaboy colaboration for the book